Sembabule- Sembabule is predominantly occupied by Baganda, Banyankole, Bakiga and Banyarwanda. There is an ethnic community called the Bamoori that claims links with the ancient Chwezi Kingdom whose headquarters are said to be at Bigo bya mugenyi, in present day Ntuusi Sub-county and is now a cultural historical site. TheBamoori have formed Bamoori Cultural Trust (BACUT). They, together with all other ethnic communities, live peacefully with one another and give respect to Buganda Kingdom.

The speaker of the Lukiiko (Buganda Parliament), Mr Higiro Ssemajege, comes from Sembabule. Location Sembabule District is located in the central region along the Equator and was once part of Masaka until 1997 when it became an independent district. The district is strategically bordered by Mubende in the north, Gomba in the north-west, Bukomansimbi in the south-east, Lwengo in the south, Lyantonde in the south-west and Kiruhura District in the north-east. It has six sub-counties of Mateete, Lwebitakuli, Mijwala, Lugusulu, Ntuusi, Lwemiyaga and Sembabule Town Council.