Health officials in Sembabule District have raised concern over the increasing number of people with mental disorders in the district. According to Mr Nathan Kanyesigye, the Sembabule District Mental Health focal person, the number of people with mental disorders is gradually rising yet the drugs are inadequate to encounter the challenge, coupled with limited funds to offer services in the outreach camps where they have registered mental health patients. Sembabule District currently has about 800 patients with mental problems, according to Mr Kanyesigye. He said 80 per cent of the patients have epilepsy, while others are totally ‘mad’ due to cases attributed to drug abuse and HIV/Aids. “With such a considered big number, we are challenged with limited funds and drugs. The NGOs which used to facilitate us pulled out in 2010, after empowering the nurses in handling mental health patients,” Mr Kanyesigye told this newspaper in an interview on Tuesday. He added that government in 2015 reduced the quantity of mental health related drugs to the centre, yet it is very expensive and many patients can not afford them . “This forced us to suspend the out-reaches that were created when we had NGOs and thus remained with two centres, which include Sembabule Health Centre and Mateete Health Centre III,” he said. People in other sub- counties of Ntuusi and Lwemiyaga have to go to the two remaining treating centres, but in most cases, such people find it hard to access treatment. This, according to Mr Kanyesigye, makes the patients to reach another stage of mental disorder where some end up getting totally mad. “The district has got enough manpower to handle the patients, but only challenged by limited drugs and financial support to extend services in the outreaches that were closed,” he added. There is no single acceptable or consistent cause of mental disorder, but it has been linked to a number of risk factors. Mental disorder are also a result of genetic and developmental vulnerabilities exposed by stress in life, traumatic brain injury and social abuses such as drug and alcohol abuse ,parental neglect and bullying .